Achilles Tendonitis

achilles-tendonitis-orthoticsAchilles tendonitis occurs when persistent strain is placed on the Achilles tendon, resulting in pain, irritation and inflammation. In severe cases, it’s possible for the tendon to rupture. Chronic sufferers of the condition can also experience degeneration and thickening of the Achilles tendon.

A common cause of the complaint is over pronation, which places shearing forces on calf muscles. These muscles then cause the Achilles tendon to become extra stretched, leading to tendonitis.


Initial treatment of Achilles tendonitis should focus on reducing inflammation, so measures such as ice and rest are highly recommended. Electrical modules, including the Diathermy ultrasound, may also prove beneficial. Additionally, only shoes that possess a heel lift should be worn, helping to minimise strain on the Achilles tendon.

Once the acute stage has passed, it’s recommended for the patient to undergo a gentle stretching program, followed by suitable foot orthotics. Both of these measures can help to reduce over pronation, which is the main cause of the condition.

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