Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs within the joints. Sufferers of this condition often have high levels of uric acid (also known as urate) in theirblood. This acid can form painful crystals within joints and surrounding tissue. The most common joint affected is the big toe.

The Signs and Symptoms of Gout

Gout that occurs in the feet is usually diagnosed by observing the joints of the toes. Any joint that has suddenly become hot to the touch, red or swollen could be affected. Extreme tenderness within a joint is another sign of the condition, especially if the joint is sensitive and accompanied by pain. If the condition has been experienced for many years, it’s also possible for the uric acid crystals to form into small lumps on the toes, otherwise known as tophi.


Gout can be controlled through medication, as well as through making several lifestyle changes. Gout medication aims to reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood, helping to prevent crystals from developing. It’s also recommended to drink plenty of fluids to flush out excess levels of acid, and to stick to a low fat diet. Reducing your dietary salt intake and maintaining a regular moderate exercise regime can also be beneficial.

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