Ingrown Toe Nails

An Ingrown toe nail is a painful condition that’s caused when skin on either side of a toe nail grows over the nail edges. Sometimes a nail can become ingrown when the nail itself begins to grow into the skin. This can lead to severe pain and complications such as infection, making it essential to get the condition remedied promptly by a podiatrist.

Common Causes

Ingrown toe nails fungus can be caused by multiple factors. In some cases, they’re a chronic condition, with the sufferer experiencing repeated flare-ups of pain and infection. They’re often caused by repeated trauma to the toes, as well as through the wearing of tight, restrictive footwear.Cutting toe nails wrongly can also increase the risk of occurrence, as can existing congenital problems with the shape of the nail, such as if toes overlap and place excessive pressure on nails.


In some cases, antibiotics can successfully rid the nail of infection. However, removal of the affected nail by a podiatrist is recommended to prevent further infection. Most ingrown nails can be remedied by cutting away the nail from the skin, clearing the area, and applying a dressing. In severe cases, local anaesthetic may be required to perform a wedge resection.

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