The Langer 3D Scanner

For years, podiatrists and practitioners have relied on traditional plaster casting to create functional and effective foot orthotics. However, thanks to the Langer ScanCast 3D scanner, there’s now a new method that delivers accuracy and reliability, providing a cost-effective alternative to plaster.

The ScanCast three dimensional system lets podiatrists capture full volumetric data in a matter of seconds. The data reliably captures the entire plantar shape – from the sole of the foot right up to eight inches up the rear of the leg.


The Langer 3D scanner is designed to make it easier than ever for practitioners to properly position patients, ensuring their foot is in the correct subtalar neutral position. It allows a full 3D colour image of the foot to be captured in seconds, using plotted coordinate points. This allows doctors and podiatrists to view the images from multiple angles, including the forefoot to rearfoot positioning.

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