Tinea is a fungal infection that can occur on the feet. Also known as Athlete’s Foot, it’s often found between and under the toes, as well as upon the soles of the feet. Tinea can also impact on nails, particularly toenails, causing discolouration and a change in appearance. The fungus grows best in moist, warm areas of the body, making areas that are prone to excessive sweating, such as the feet, especially susceptible.

The Signs and Symptoms of Tinea

The signs of tinea are easy to spot. The skin may appear softer than usual, with a whitish appearance. Cracks and redness can also be present. The area may be itchy, and can also burn and sting. These symptoms can also be accompanied by small blisters that are filled with fluid.


Treatment of tinea can involve multiple approaches. Often, anti-fungal preparations are used to kill the fungal infection. Prantal Powder and Phenol Soaks may also be used. After treatment, recurrence of the condition can be prevented with the correct choice of socks and footwear – this includes socks and shoes that are clean, dry and breathable. Using odour-absorbing insoles and antiperspirant is also recommended.

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