TOG Gaitscan

Click on the voucher below to download and print. This voucher entitles the bearer to one free initial assessment and report using the Tog Gait scanner at our podiatrist clinic.


What is Tog Gaitscan?

Tog Gaitscan is a state-of-the-art piece of technology used by healthcare podiatrists to analyse the feet. Utilising advanced hardware and software, it can detect abnormal foot function that could be causing problems to your feet and other body parts. The technology is used in conjunction with a podiatrist’s wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring an accurate, thorough and reliable analysis.

Why is Tog Gaitscan Important?

The Tog Gaitscan can capture the precise amount of time that your foot is in contact with the ground. This is generally 0.8 of a second while walking and 0.25 of a second when running – speeds which usually cannot be accurately determined by the naked eye.

The Gaitscan technology is able to record the time sequences that occur during your gait when walking and running. These are captured using a specially designed pressure plate, enabling the podiatrist to obtain a clear picture of the mechanics of your feet. From this, normal and abnormal foot function can be observed and identified.

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